Trip Hop and David Bowie?

SEPTEMBER 29, 2017 by M Dominik

Take one measure of “…interesting and unique release …[that] teethers on the edges of indie and trip-hop, with an effective emotional undertone.” Add to it “a slight David Bowie influence…” and “…reminiscent of Amanda Palmer’s writing and performance style…” and you get my track ‘Debris’. At least according to this wonderful review:
Read the review of ’Debris’ here. 
I am still trying to decide if it is even possible to have a bit of David Bowie and trip-hop in one song, or Amanda Palmer for that matter. But then again I guess anything was possible for David Bowie so why not. And I again accept the honour with humility and gratitude.
I have always loved David Bowie and especially towards the end of my 20’s, I guess I felt more and more ready for his music as I started to mature. I still remember the exact moment when I learnt of his passing as you do when you receive the kind of news that pierces you straight through your heart. That’s how it felt for me. I felt sad almost as if I had known him personally. In fact I felt like that when Kurt Cobain died too. And more recently when we lost Leonard Cohen. It makes me wonder… what is it about music that connects us to the artists as if we knew them as friends…
And then I couldn’t help but wonder, those of you who tell me you really connect with my songs, what is it about my stories that you relate to? Let me know, I’d really like to hear.

Watch ‘Debris’ on YouTube here.

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In the meantime I’m off to listen to ‘Under Preasure’!
Speak soon.