Mum and dad’s garage

SEPTEMBER 29, 2017 by M Dominik

“Remember that garage stage at mum and dad’s place, oh how we rocked the world?” And who didn’t? I sure did when I lived in the double garage at the back of my mum and dad’s place. It was either that or sharing a bedroom with my baby sister. Well for obvious reasons I chose the cold and rough comforts of the garage which I turned into a bedroom. I did have to make friends with a few spiders but it had a separate entrance which… I guess no explanation is needed 😉

Most of us thought we would rock the world or move mountains as children and teenagers. For a lot of us the reality of struggles and disappointments however has clipped our wings and robbed us of those dreams or reduced them to tiny distant versions of the originals. We give up. Some of us learn to get on with our lives and survive as the watered down versions of the superheroes we once were. And others find the struggle too unbearable to face sober and we find our outlets elsewhere.
And this is in a nutshell what ‘Come Stay’ is about. ”Now you’re so lonely so scared that you just sleep all day every day.” Sometimes it is the only thing we can bear is to run away from our reality. That is why ‘Come Stay’ is so dear to me.
But at the end of the day if we only find it in ourselves to stop, refocus and never give up then that’s the real success in life.
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Stay strong and never give up.
Speak soon.