Grace Slick in style and sophistication

SEPTEMBER 29, 2017 by M Dominik

“The song architecture is strongly theatrical and the performance reminds us of “Dreams” era Grace Slick in style and sophistication.” Raw Ramp’s review of ‘Come Stay’
How can I argue with such an honour. I feel very blessed to be AGAIN put in the same category as another wonderfully powerful and creative female artist. Grace Slick’s music spans a few decades starting well… before I was even born. So it makes me wonder, was I just born an old soul or did I somehow absorb it subconsciously as a child. Unlike Kate Bush I don’t remember knowing anything about Grace Slick until recently so where did my sound come from? I guess I cannot lie about my age. I was a child in the 80’s and that’s I guess how it happened. But ‘strongly theatrical’ and ‘faultlessly arty’ is and absolute honour so I will take it and cherish it deeply.
Read the review of ‘Come Stay’ by RawRamp here.
Watch ‘Come Stay’ here.
Get ‘Come Stay’ on iTunes here.
And if you haven’t yet checked out Grace Slick I highly recommend it if just like Grace you “believe in magic”.
Enjoy 🙂
Speak soon,