Ani Difranco – Lyrical Prowess

SEPTEMBER 29, 2017 by M Dominik

I have always been more into the ‘lyrics’ side of things rather than the music when it comes to falling in love with songs. I have a few lyrical heroes one of them is definitely Ani Difranco. She’s been rocking my worlds since I was about 19 and still surprises and challenges me with each album.

I love it how her music and lyrics grow with her and become more and more amazing as she gets older. That is not to say that Ani’s lyrics were not already amazing when she was younger. Gosh I still cannot get enough of ‘The Slant’ or ‘Both Hands’. And that is why I love Ani. For nearly two decades I have been studying her lyrics for many years now and always wait with great excitement for her every new album. I have learnt so much about life and our world from Ani, she truly is my lyrical hero.
I don’t think of myself as being in the same lyrical category or calibre as Ani Difranco however when a reviewer says there is lyrical prowess to my songs it makes me feel very special. I just tell stories in the way I know how to but ‘lyrical prowess’ well, that is something to behold. Thank you Exposed Vocals 🙂
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Oh it’s been a while since I’ve heard the early stuff of Ani Difranco so guess what I’m off to listen to now 😉
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